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Student Life

Arrival Day

Upon arrival, you will be met by parent chaperone, Mary Mercer. Mary graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a degree in Music with a concentration on flute.  She lives in New Milford, CT with husband, Joe, and daughter, Jaclyn.  Mary currently is working in special education at Sarah Noble Intermediate School in New Milford. She is excited to be returning for the 9th time to the Musical Theatre Lab as “Momma Mercer” and parent chaperone.

First Day of Class

On the first day the directors will hold a mock audition for all students. The purpose of the mock audition is for the faculty to observe each student and to create a plan of individualized action. Students should prepare a song and short monologue for the mock audition prior to arrival. Students should bring their song books to the program so they can have access to their material during vocal performance classes. Students should also bring recording devices for music rehearsals and private lessons. 

Sample Daily Schedule

This is a rough schedule of what a day might look like. Each day may differ slightly depending on the choreographer/director’s needs and the specific subjects being covered by faculty members.

9:30am to 10:30am Group physical warm up or leveled dance class (Jazz or Ballet)
10:45am to 11:15am Vocal Warm up
11:15am to 12:30pm Split Groups: Acting, Scenes and monologues/Vocal Performance
12:30pm to 1:30pm Lunch

1:30pm to 3pm Split Groups: Acting, Scenes and monologues/Vocal Performance
3:15pm to 5pm Rehearsal with guest director/choreographer
5pm to 6:30pm Dinner
6:30pm to 8pm Tap Workshop, Improv Class, Business workshops, or rehearsal

All students receive private coaching for their songs and monologues. These sessions are scheduled through out the day.

dress code

Fitted t-shirts, body conscious sweatpants, jazz pants, tights, and leotards are all acceptable. Present yourself in a professional manner at all times, as if in rehearsal for your dream job in theatre! We do not wish to impose a dress code of all black, but please wear solid colors. Jazz, Tap, and character shoes/heels are required. Please bring ballet slippers if you have them, if not you may wear jazz shoes or socks for ballet. Please wear you hair neatly pulled away from face and if it is long please wear in a pony tail or bun for dance classes unless otherwise instructed. Please refrain from wearing dangling or loose jewelry.

Code of Conduct

The MTLab is dedicated to creating a safe environment for all humans. We do not just accept diversity and difference, we celebrate it! We are open to all conversations about inclusion and we foster a strong culture of acceptance and kindness. All behavior not in accord with our values will be addressed. Students are expected to be respectful to themselves, their fellow students, and all faculty members and chaperones. 

A strict curfew will be enforced, and all students will be closely monitored by the chaperones. 

Students are expected to keep their rooms and public surroundings neat and clean.  There is zero tolerance for failure to do so, and students will be asked to leave, at their own expense, with no refund of tuition if the Directors feel that they are not complying.

There will be zero tolerance of any drug or alcohol use.  If a student is found abusing any illegal substance, they will be immediately sent home, at their expense, with no refund of tuition.