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How do I get there?

Martha’s Vineyard, being an island, can be a bit complicated to get to. If traveling by car, your first destination is Wood’s Hole, MA.  The ferry from Wood’s Hole to the Vineyard is operated by the Steamship Authority.  All schedules and reservations are available on their website:  You can take your car across or leave it at the parking facility at Wood’s Hole, where a shuttle takes you to the ferry.  If you do plan to take your car across, we recommend that you make a reservation as soon as possible.  Reservations are made months in advance.  The ferry ride is approximately 45 minutes.  The ferries from Wood’s Hole travel to both Oak Bluff (6 miles from the housing and studios) and Vineyard Haven (8 miles from the housing and studios).

Jet Blue and other airlines now fly directly to Martha’s Vineyard (MVY) from JFK. The airport is a ten minute taxi ride from the facility.  Once on the island, there are plenty of taxis and public buses that travel to Edgartown, where the studios and housing are located.  The address of the student housing is 26 Curtis Lane, Edgartown, MA. The faculty house  is 215 Upper Main Street, Edgartown, MA. The facility spans a block with entrances on Curtis Lane and Upper Main Street. Either address is suitable for drop off.

All students are responsible for their transportation to and from the housing.  Martha’s Vineyard Taxi is a reliable taxi service.  You can find information about them at  and make a reservation by emailing

Is there a performance?

Yes! We like to call it a “sharing”. The intensive is focused on process so the presentation is not polished by hours of rehearsal. 

What do I wear for the performance?

As long as you have items listed in the dress code you will be prepared for the showing. 

Is the facility air-conditioned?

Do I Need Money For Laundry?

No, we have laundry facilities free for your use in the residence.
Do I need sheets, towels, a blanket, and a pillow?
No. All of these items are provided.
Where Will I Purchase Food?
Due to Covid restrictions students will not be able to use the kitchen facilities. All meals will be catered. Gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options will be offered. A food charge of $35 to $40 a day for a total of 13 days will be charged. The first meal provided will be dinner on Sunday of arrival. The last meal provided will be lunch on day of showing and departure.
Do I need to bring cooking utensils?
No. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything needed. However this year due to Covid there will be no congregating or cooking in the house kitchens.
How Old Do I Need to Be to Audition?
You must be 14 years old by July 31st to participate in the program.
Can I Pick My Roommate?
Due to covid restrictions we will only house one student per room.
Can I Pick My Roommate?
Due to covid restrictions we will only house one student per room.

Can I have guests?

If parents, friends or other guests wish to come to the final studio showing, we suggest that they make lodging and ferry reservations as soon as possible. Martha’s Vineyard has a website: that provides information on lodging options. If you guests plan to drive to the Vineyard, vehicle reservations are needed for the ferry. You can make reservations by contacting the Martha’s Vineyard Steamship Authority. Their phone number is 508-477-8600. Their website is Drivers can also park their cars at Wood’s Hole and take the ferry over as passengers. They can then take a cab to the studios and their accommodations. It is easy to get around the island by foot, bike, or taxi cab. Traffic is often horrendous.

If my parents are vacationing on the island can I meet them for dinner?
Absolutely! As long as you are not missing any classes or rehearsals and are following all covid CDC guidelines, you are free to meet with your family on island. Just make sure to sign out!