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The application and audition process begins May 1 and is ongoing through May 1st. Tuition is offered in tiered rates based on when payment in full is received.  Applicants can take advantage of early reduced tuition rates by sending in audition materials immediately. Send us your audition videos now and you will receive notice of acceptance within two weeks. Instructions for video auditions are listed below. All applicants must pay a $1000 non-refundable deposit due by April 1st to secure their spot, if accepted.

Our applications are processed through the website Get Accepted. This link will take you to their site. If you are not already a member  you will create a new member login. After logging into the site look for the the organization search box and type in Musical Theatre Lab. 

Due to COVID Restrictions there are no live auditions this year.
We are only accepting video auditions for the 2021 Summer Program.

Audition DVD/YouTube link requirements

​Guidelines for the video auditions are on the application. Videos are uploaded directly into application on Get Accepted. If you have any difficulty please contact them. They have wonderful customer service!


Tuition if paid in full:
$3300 if paid by March 1st
$3400 if paid by April 1st
$3500 if paid by May 1st
$3600 is paid by June 1st

$1000 non-refundable deposit due by May 1st. Placement is not guaranteed until deposit is received.

Acceptance Notification & Financial Aid

All applicants will receive notification of acceptance two weeks after the receipt of video auditions. Payment plans can be arranged and financial aid, if applicable, will be awarded at that time.